KPMG’s long term plan to build and occupy their UK headquarters in Canary Wharf meant that they would need to exit and manage leasing commitments on several buildings in the Blackfriars area. There was a need for fluid workspace to off-set a changing business environment where the wider economy, corporate decision-making process and the numerous variables associated with a major re-location plan were unpredictable. At the same time a new business acquisition meant additional space was immediately required. Location and fit-out quality were important and serviced space was found nearby for the new acquisition and also a number of KPMG-funded projects.

The serviced office provider worked with KPMG to enhance the quality of the existing office space to reflect their corporate standards. KPMG grew their footprint within the building becoming the main occupant while the provider ensured that availability of space was controlled, enabling the KPMG businesses to expand at short notice and then make a phased exit. Bringing agility into their real estate planning meant KPMG Property could achieve business continuity and mitigate the need for additional lease commitments in a location which they were leaving.